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=VG= OniBlood1986

7 days to die VG server

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Hey guys I bought a server for the game it is only a 4 slot if more people get the game I will add more slots.

Server name : =VG=COOP
Password: vg
server is coop only no friendly fire. Same rules apply from all VG game servers. If you act up or mess up people builds you will be BANNED FOR LIFE.

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That is very cool of you. More people who know VG but don't know that you put up a server for this game may have an easier time finding it and increasing your player base if the name of this server reflected our clan name...



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not sure if it was down or not lemme check I was out of town.

Dear 7D2D Customers,

We would like to thank everyone for choosing our services to host your game servers on. We appreciate your business and we want you to know that all of our hard work is paying off with you guys choosing to stick with us. We want to wish you a very happy holiday and whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy yourselves.

Over the holidays we are doing a forced reinstall of each and every server. This involves a LOT of work for our staff, as each server and config must be manually reinstalled and configured. Unfortunately, this also means the game will be reset for you guys, so you will lose your game data.

We hope that, since the game is in Alpha and you will experience data loss several more times before the game is complete, that this doesn't cause too much inconvenience. However we do understand that it will be an annoyance to everyone and we apologize for that. Unfortunately it is the nature of the game at the moment and we want to try to keep you guys satisfied. We promise to work hard through the holidays (some of us are missing out on Christmases to do the work) and keep your downtime to a minimum.

If you experience any difficulties for the next 24 hours, please hold off on your tickets while we take care of these issues. We promise you will notice an increase in speed and decrease in lag when the servers have been sorted.

Our thanks, and happy holidays,


Fibre Servers Support Staff

This was the email I got yesterday so the game should be back up

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Alright news update on the server: We will be restarting all 7 Days to Die servers every 6 hours. This is in recomandation of the developers. Make sure you have nothing in your invetory, as it will dissapear once the server is back up. The first restart will be at 0600 PM GMT, and every 6 hours after. In the next patch a fix for your invetory will be implamented, so you don't have to empty is after a restart.

Thank You For Your Time.

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