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mortar fail?!

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People don't realize that this was an intentional failure of a mortar round.

The car was not moving, which means that passenger was not present at the time.
Now, if owner started the car, the mortar round - combined with highly flammable fuel - would've erased about 2 metropolitan city blocks easily. Even though the owner was lucky enough to find the explosive before catastrophic explosion, now they need a Tier 1 EOD operator unit who can disarm usual IEDs and VBEDS while shooting duel wield Glock 18 full-auto, no questions asked.

While people might think this round was simply a dud, i think this happened simply because allah watching us over the shoulder, hoping that Youtube comment warriors will unite over the PS4 and XBONE discussion in order to fight ISIS through DDOS attacks on Twitter.

He is definitely on our side.

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