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Spare time fail

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Wrote my version of microsoft notepad using the java programming language. Was just playing about with java.

I might actually put a bit of work into it just for something to do.

The reason it goes to a new line instead of adding on is because I ticked word wrap in the format box. This can be disabled. Forgot to include a screenie.

But yer man, fuck ms notepad.

Simple notepad ftw.

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What? I dont get what you mean by what am I trying to do.

I wrote a notepad from scratch using the java programming language to pass time. I was bored on PC and was thinking what can I make and decided to make a notepad. Like microsoft notepad that comes with windows.

Except my one is portable.

Which really means shit all atm since you can open txt files where.

But if I was to continue developing this and add in extra features, you could do it all from this and it could be run from a pen drive. Doesn't need to be installed. Just needs java installed.

Like I said. I got bored.

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