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Some low life scumbag broke into my car and stole my iPod and my Garmin Nuvi. UNREAL!

I only wish I would have caught them! I have weapons all around the house, if I could have caught them I would have shot one. I swear on my honor as a Marine, I would have shot them. This is the second time I have been carjacked like this and the first time it was right out of my garage.

The sad part is that it's some lowlife misguided youth who have nothing better to do than steal from people. I will pray all day to Allah that he strikes these Infidels down, or infects them with Ebola so they bleed to death out of their anus holes.

Its not like I live in the ghetto for Christ sake! I still cant figure out how they got in. I have a key-less ignition and alarm system. They would have to have my key code to disable the alarm and open the doors.

Whoever did this is so lucky. I might bait them with some thing special to get them to come back. After I snare them, I think I might tie them up and torture them for a few days. The Geneva Conventions doesn't apply at my house.


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Shiiit, man i cant tolerate fucking thiefs. U should fucking rape those motherfucker`s ass with ur shotgun then fucking pull the trigger!

someone tried to steal from me one time. While i and my girlfriend was walking inside the mall. i was going to give my girlfriend some money but then someone snapped my wallet right at the front of my face! :O the thief kept running and he was really fast. I thought it was a friend so i didnt react.
when i was realizing that it was a fucking thief i ran after him and chased him outside. I was so fucking angry, and i`ve never run so fast in my whole life. I felt like Usain Bolt! :D but after 1 minute i caught him and fucking shoved my knuckles so far up in his face that he had to go to the hospital.
My girlfriend had to stop me because i was going to use my foot while he was down.
i have never been so angry. but that punch made me feel better! :D

And best of all. the cops told me that i did a good job and had to show the thiefs that it is no mercy for them.

I fucking Loove norway! :D u can break someone`s nose and still get in the newspaper with the title " BraveBoy "

wish that i could do that more often!

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