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=VG= Fastjack

Testmap Coop Insurgency Sbeneh Outskirts Insurgency

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Sbeneh Outskirts Insurgency - WIP

Germans vs Insurgents

German Assets
3 APC's TPZ Fuchs
2 IFV's Puma (1 seater will be changed later to 2 seater -> teamplay)
2 Logitrucks
1 Trans Huey MG3
2 EC Tiger
1 Commander ACV
1 Vehicle Depot

Insurgent Assets
Many pkm bipods
3 50cal tripods
5 mortars
2 zpu4 AA
1 Igla AA
2 50cal technicals
1 atm technical
2 Reinforcements Scorpions (delayed spawn - 1 seater)
2 Reinforcements Boragh's (delayed spawn)
5 Hideout's
2 BMP2's
402 possible ammocache locations

Install Instructuions :

Unzip : Put folder sbeneh_outskirts_insurgency into your ProjectReality/Project Reality BF2/mods/pr/levels folder.

Info : You need also the python files.

Have Fun,


Passwort : veteransgamingcoopinsurgencygamemodetest


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Sounds good Fastjack. I never got around to making those edits from the last thread but I'll take a look at this over the next few days, are there any parts in particular that might need testing/watching for strange behavior?

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I edited the python, you can download it in the other thread.
All you have todo is exchange the gpm_coop python and realityconfig_coop.
Drop the unzipped sbeneh_outskirts_insurgency folder into your levelsfolder and play.

The Blufor bots having problems in INDIA 10 with the obstacles on road but that get fixed when humans playing Bluforteam.

The asset layout is also only for testing and not final.
Also the Blufor commander spamming orders ( i can reduce it by changing some temperature values of some strategicareas) and its gone if someone play the commander.

I must make some new loadingscreens, because its the old screens from mec vs fsa.

But before i change something, i will give the other here the chance to talk about layouts etc. (FEEDBACK).

Good luck

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