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Hi guys,

I'm trying to test some arcades and decide on something for the VG site. If you're a VG member (or admin) I could really use your support here. I ask that you register on the new game site and play some games there. I'm trying to get the leader boards showing scores and to get the site to looking like it has some activity. I have 2 more arcades to install and configure if this one doesn't work out. Could I get some love here please? Any support is much appreciated. Sign up and play some games is all you need to do. A few games per day for the rest of the week and you'll make my Christmas list for sure. Maybe. Please report any bugs here, thank you.

Arcade site: http://arcadefunhouse.com


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Hey guys I made some changes over at http://arcadefunhouse.com

If you haven't been over there yet please drop by and register, play a few games, show some love...it would be very appreciated. Thank you to everyone already on board! I hope to get some prizes listed soon so stay tuned!


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