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=VG= Murderface0151

Nissan S12 Build

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good news, got some free steelies for her! i've been thinking of buying steelies for a couple weeks now and been thinking about it quite a lot. out of the blue my friend texts me asking me if i want these for free, i said sure but refused to not pay for them, will give him $100 or so next pay day. will be getting them widened in the next couple weeks - Front will be widened to 14x8 inch and the rears to 14x9 for that fat street look lol. here's some pics (not the best admitted)

that's about it until i get the wheels widened, just gotta wit to get some money from the bank for a nice new engine and all that crap, hopefully it goes well lol

some pictures of an old school friends 180sx, thing is sick!

http://adailydream.wordpress.com/ for more JDM goodness

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