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=VG= OniBlood1986

WASR-10 AK build.

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Well folks prolly been wondering what I have been doing the last few days since I have been home and this is it.
Current Build spec is:
Tapco folding stock(don't like this might get ATI folding M4 stock)
4 tapco mags
After market rubber grip(because standard are really tiny and don't fit all that well)
tapco AK74 muzzle break
Tapco A2 trigger
UTG quad rail for optics and lights or lasers)
Knight's armament co. forward vertical grip.
4 standard steal mags.

Future mods:
flash light
donation to VG
Drum mags.
Edit:Next range day I do will be filmed along with future how to video's

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Wooohooo! nice! good to see someone who respects Russian craftmanship (in weapons of course !boss )

keep up with that! such a Hobby is impossible here in Finland !hang

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