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New changes

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We are moving from our current server we host the site on to another. We are moving from dedicated to shared hosting. This should hopefully speed the site up at the same time doing so at a much cheaper cost.

If is it not faster, we need to look at moving to joomla and getting rid of not necessary plugins because thats whats bogging it down. Plugins from 3rd party companies which is loading slow, causing our overall site to load slow. The forums are usually quicker because as you can see it does not list the plugins on the right side >>>>>> making it much faster.

Since its shared hosting we cannot host teamspeak on the new hosting. The teamspeak will be getting moved to the windows dedicated server that we run the gameservers on.

You will then be able to connect to teamspeak using ts3.veterans-gaming.com or by using the IP address. Connecting via veterans-gaming.com (the current and old way) will not be possible.

This entire process should be fairly quick and there is no expected downtime. There will be a small amount for teamspeak when we move over to windows server as it needs to be stopped on the current server and started on the new one. The details to connect will also be different. There is no way to avoid this.

It should be done in a day or so.


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The new Joomla site is being built and will be ready soon, hang in there, the new site will be the best gaming networking site you've ever seen, except for maybe XFire....Stand by, couple weeks and it'll be done.

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ok guys, after much deliberation and endless searching I have chosen the name for our new community once we migrate to the new site. Whether you like it or not we will be known as


Officially effective once the new site goes up but you can tell everyone now so they can prepare.

It had to be done. Plz don't bitch.


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