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  2. Looks Russian, amphibious
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  4. Screw truck

  5. =VG= in Steel Ocean

  6. Steel Ocean VG clan

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  8. 20170817000412-1.jpg

    rough fight
  9. 20170816225447-1.jpg

    sausage giving bomber escort
  10. 20170816224113-1.jpg

    me and sausage waiting for blizz to finish downloading the game
  11. Last week
  12. Welcome to our gaming home .. enjoy
  13. Hi jacket welcome to VG. Thanks for the intro. Blud.
  14. Hi and welcome to =VG=. You're really young sir but is good when you hang around with good older gamers.
  15. introduction

    #teufelshunde #devildogs #whellcome
  16. Welcome to our gaming home .. enjoy
  17. Lol! Seems to be a accurate double
  18. It's called paranoia. There is help for that. A good beginning for the cure is always to 'fact-check' the weather and if you feel that MSM is lying and conspiring with the illuminati and Bilderberg and Soros there's always good old psychiatric help. It's available through your GP.
  19. How do I know this weather graph isn't from a week ago? There is no watermark time stamp
  20. you don't! We didn't doubt that, bro! Pardon me for the bad meme, my sense of humor chip is malfunctioning
  21. Sigh............. Amusing that I'll have to post a weather graph to prove stuff around here now, but here you go. The orange blob swooshed accross Baltics last night. I apologise to all who showed up yesterday ( es specially our Aussie brothers), I didn't know that the #3 server was not fully set up yet and there were far too many python changes to migrate over to the main server. The event is rescheduled to 26th at 1800 PRT.
  22. Kiwi Mobility Scooter

  23. I mark the cap and SL pos. martin marks medics and rest of the squad
  24. (okay, maybe there were also some technical difficulties like Mumble not working correctly, etc... Rescheduling TBA)
  25. And we are here... no no no we are here... Dude, check the map !!! Nice walk and chat with Double_13 at Utrecht under a soft rain. Big hug brother
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