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  2. Salute, keep our aerospace safe, sir
  3. Welcome .. Diguelo
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  5. Welcome!! Glad someone was able to help you with the password. See you at Angels 20!
  6. I'll be there I believe. I've chatted with Kav - If I'm out of town, someone will fill the slot. Can someone update the MOTD's to promote the event?
  7. Welcome. The server is reasonably stable and in need of more regular players so bring yours mates
  8. How was the lake? You and Sarge still alive?
  9. The direction you drive. Is that DOWNHILL? I imagine when all the secure material rips and this MAGNET rolling down the roads. HOW many tons?
  10. Giant fidget spinner
  11. keep fighting bud, i got ya a magnet to play with take off your belt and fillings, before ya turn it on trust me i know :. . .; light one for me i will give double 13 a blow back and see if he can still play hahah
  12. Please inform people on the server that are not regular to the website so we can get more people to join the event
  13. Hovering Insurgents nnaaaaa they are break dancing mixed with porn, using a famous US director, Quentin Tarantino GAGAGAG
  14. Advice is free and available, just ask.

  15. Hi all, Not flown on the vet server Falcon 4.33 yet but did in 4.32 and previous versions. Nice to see you have IVC working now. Hope to get some flying time in with my mates and others on here now. Id be happy to help out with any Technical queries you have and getting new pilots started on their way. Ive been flying Falcon now since 1998 and had many happy years of flying, but being in the UK its always proved to be an issue to get to fly with a wing or club due to time differences. Should anyone need assistance I am usually on Discord callsign Dig so if im on im always willing to help Thanks go out to admin for sorting out my lost password issue. Dig
  16. Last week
  17. Leisure Suit Larry. AUD$13.49
  18. 15 Top Games für under 5 Euro! Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor für 3,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Portal 2 für 1,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro The Room 2 für 1,24 Euro statt 4,99 Euro Depth für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Antichamber für 3,79 Euro statt 18,99 Euro Transistor für 2,84 Euro statt 18,99 Euro This War of Mine für 3,79 Euro statt 18,99 Euro Age of Empires II HD für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Day of the Tentacle Remastered für 3,74 Euro statt 14,99 Euro Serious Sam 3: BFE für 3,69 Euro statt 36,99 Euro Dishonored für 2,49 Euro statt 9,99 Euro Metro 2033 Redux für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Keep Talking and Noby Explodes für 4,94 Euro statt 14,99 Euro Terraria für 4,99 Euro statt 9,99 Euro To The Moon für 1,59 Euro statt 7,99 Euro
  19. Have you guys checked free Killing Floor game in Humble Bundle? Fun game indeed i guess.. coz i havent played it, also uses the same Source Engine as usual for a Valve game
  20. Foxhole. Wait its free.
  21. PR, it is a fun free game I have been told. I may try it some day.
  22. Wargame Red Dragon. Just get it
  23. Hearts of Iron IV Quite fun game Double and I have been playing quite a lot now. it's kind of like arma style game, basegame is meh, but once you get couple of mods in, it's fantastic, the best. Depending on scenario, you can take control over any country that existed either before WW2 or with modern day mod one that excisted around year 2000. research and Build Factories, bunkers, bases, equipment, vehicles, navy, planes - you name it. Don't have enough resources but the country next to you has stockpile of one iron? Crush them and take their lands. Ran out of manpower but you really want that cool division you designed to spawn? Invade your neighbouring countries and force their people to server in your armies. Get Hearts of Iron IV now, the most accurate WW2 / Modern day simulator out there.
  24. Just bought Portal 1 for my kid - 90% off is a fair enough deal; already has Portal 2, gotta experience the original!
  25. Its a very underrated game. The dialogs are hilarious.
  26. @zero_tolerance_s I know.. I loved it! (especially the turrets) I own both
  27. A classic game:
  28. Elite Dangerous. took a while to download and will take a while to learn but DAMN what a nice game
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