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  2. I’ll be sure to check out the Docs folder after installing the game. I think 1700-2300 Zulu works for me on weekends, maybe we could try and arrange something this weekend if your free. I’ll try and buy Falcon Collection on Friday and then have everything ready by Saturday. I’ve got a week off school from the 28th of October till the 5th of November so i’ll be free most of the time between that period.
  3. Perfect! It really helps that you are already a sim-pilot with navigation experience, etc. This will cut the learning curve in half for you, or more. Once you get installed and configured, refer to the Docs folder in the BMS programs folder, it includes checklists and charts, and manuals including the Training Manual which corresponds to the in-game Training Missions found under Tactical Engagement (Training) No, we do not have an official structured training curriculum for BMS here at VG, but personally I am willing to give private lessons to interested pilots here. I'm currently working with Kavelenko and have no problem taking on another (especially considering that you have previous flight sim experience). I follow a lesson plan I drew up for myself over 6 years ago, and combined with the in-game lessons and materials, I feel it works very well (though I've been considering updating it due to the removal of tone example sounds in the Tactical Reference of BMS 4.33). I'm USA PST - My normal flight times online here are 1700-2300 ZULU -- sometimes I fly later, but I won't be doing training flights after 2300 ZULU
  4. I always love a challange especially if it has something to do with aircrafts. I am studying to be a pilot so I have countless hours in super realistic sims like FSX and P3D. I have invested hudreds of dollars to make these sims as realistic as possible for example spending $90 on an in-game aircraft which was approved by Boeing. I use realistic flight planning software so basically I like to do everything as realitic as possible. i have been flying in these sims for about 3 years now. I currently own a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick and a Saitek Switch Panel so I will configure these in-game. I am looking to invest into maybe something more serious like a Saitek x56 H.O.T.A.S as my Logitech is getting quite old. By the way is there a =VG= Falcon BMS training program? If there is, is there any way I could join? It would be really fun to train with you guys in a serious flying enviroment. Thanks once again for the help and I hope to see you in the skys soon. D3FUZED
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  6. Just FYI, this is a Study Sim -- it's the real deal, and piloting this sim aircraft won't happen overnight. BUT you can jump right into a hot cockpit in the air in Instant Action to get familiar and have some fun! The F-16 real life avionics data was declassified and therefore this simulator comes closer to real life operations than any other. On top of getting a control scheme set up that you can work with (preferably as close to 1:1 approximation of the real F-16's flight stick and throttle buttons), you will need to teach yourself everything from powering up the jet to understanding the various screens and MFD pages, combat modes, navigation procedures, basic fighter maneuvers, brevity words (i.e. Winchester; Bingo; FLOT; Buddy Spike; etc.) and then eventually weapons training where each weapon system is a rabbit hole in and of itself. The sim includes many training missions, and between them, after a certain point, we can train a little bit together with our friends online - but mostly, there's a LOT of homework. Merely wanted to prepare you for the difference between a PC game and a simulator such as this - anyone willing to put in the time to read, watch some videos, and follow the offline training missions is more than capable of learning the F-16 in this sim - but some of us do make it look easy on the surface, and it would be unfair for me to not mention the weeks it will take before you will feel confident to take combat actions in the bird when instructed (i.e. Fence In; Music On; Clear to Engage Ground Targets; Engage Bandit at BULLSEYE 340 for 8 miles; Clear to land on ILS Runway 18; etc.). Best of luck with the initial technical setup and config - again, any questions, feel free to ask!
  7. Thanks so much for the help Semler, hope to see you on the BMS server soon!
  8. Yea, it was GOLD, now it's Collection. Just get the Falcon Collection from Steam or (*currently same price) Now, you only need to install Falcon 4.0 which is part of that collection of games. Hope you have enough hard drive space, PC games from the late 1990's took upwards of 600 MB Any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the reply, copy i’ll wait for Semler to confirm.
  10. The actual falcon collection is called Falcon Collection (<= link) which includes: Falcon Falcon A.T. Falcon Gold ( incl. Falcon 3.0 and others, see pic) Falcon 4.0 But I would wait for semler to reply. I dont have much knowledge about this. I just gave some info.
  11. When I went onto the Steam store I searched for “Falcon Gold and it came up with the first picture. In the description of Falcon Gold its says that its and “...updated version of Falcon 3.0...”. Next I searched for Falcon 4.0 which is what I need to run Falcon BMS (Second picture). Lastly there is a package called Falcon Collection which contains; Falcon, Falcon 4.0, Falcon A.T and Falcon Gold. Which one shall I purchase?
  12. Thank you so much. I will definitely be buying Falcon Gold.
  13. *EDIT: For online connection to the VG BMS Server located in Kansas USA, you must be able to achieve >=2048 Mbps Up/Down to Kansas with a Ping less than 300 If all that is good, and you want to get started, go buy Falcon 4.0 (often part of a collection, on Steam it's Falcon Collection) and install only Falcon 4.0 - then follow instructions to download and install Falcon BMS. Due to it's age of 18 years, installation of the BMS mod for Falcon 4.0 requires specific instructions:
  14. Hello everyone! I am looking to get into BMS. I have a pretty weak PC and I was wondering if anybody could tell me the minimum specs required to run the game. Thanks in advance, D3FUZED
  15. So I get to go back into Physical Therapy for my left arm.  PT is hell, better described as Pain & Torture - but if I don't do it, I'll lose the ability to use my left arm.  Basically, I can't bend it from the elbow because something going to my shoulder is too short and my elbow feels like it's burst into flames while being frozen with ice during an electrocution.  Yea, it sucks.

    I've defiantly been playing Falcon BMS a few times in the past week or two, and after an afternoon or evening session of several flights, I become unable to use my left arm at all and that hot/cold/shock sensation persists for hours, at a lower level than when I yank it, but still nagging at me.  I have to admit my limitations some times, and though I love my BMS, I have to be honest and report that I'm not the most consistent leader for that server.  I wish I could consistently play each day, and help grow our BMS crowd, but some days I can only sit and rest and watch crap on YouTube or play something that uses Voice Controls or my Xbone controller to where I can casually play while half lying down.

    People must wonder where I "go" when I disappear for days on end, and I just want to say I am here, just not able to do everything I want when I want to.  I'm glad my friends here understand and are patient with me when I need to take frequent breaks.  Thanks guys, see you when I can!

    1. .Blizzard.


      Hang in there, you can do it !! Get well and then play, don t force it, unless necessary ! I know it must be painful for you, but all you can do right now is just relaxxxxx.... :smoke:.. All the best Blizz..:hi:

  16. any of you know how to deal with mumble not connecting to the server, because this is what im getting everytime i try to connect to a server. any help will be appreciated.
  17. Its just that I setup my own package and I'm getting familiar with how to navigate to the target, bomb it using CCIP and CCRP, and returning safely. If I can do that several times I'll be fine to tackle the more complicated laser guided stuff. Got the ramp start sorted with the Harrier, the error I had was definitely caused by me not taking the air source back to dump whatever that is. How the hell that works is beyond me.
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  19. This is because GBU's can still be released in a non-Guided manner -- but those are actually Laser Guided Bomb Units (GBU's) and like Jeffu said, I was referring to GP Bombs (General Purpose) such as the Mk-82 or Mk-84. "Dumb" bombs. I tried to take you on a training mission last week where we would have covered the basics of the A/A (Air-to-Air) FCR (Fire Control Radar), basic maneuvering and max G's in CAT III (Category 3 - means G force turns are limited to 4.5 G's due to the stores configuration) -- and we would have made it to our target to learn a little about the A-G (Air-to-Ground) FCR and TGP (Target Pod) -- and then we would have released our 4 GBU-32(v)1/B's (1000lb JDAM's) at those targets we locked up in the Recon screen on Steerpoints 15-18 for a little confidence building exercise where our 4 big bombs would glide themselves to the targets with little effort on our part. BUT - for basic training and learning the systems, I had recommended you try Training Mission #10 (and read the lesson that goes with it) so you can get the skillz you need for CCRP and CCIP bombing modes with GP Bombs to start with.
  20. I did a bombing run with the Harrier and managed to hit the bridge with the first GBU but missed it with the second one. Thanks for the advice on bombing Jeffu, if you have the time a video would be nice, mean while I'll continue with the manuals.
  21. I think he means becoming proficient at dumb bombing before using GBUs, as using laser guided weapons involves several additional steps as well as use of the targeting pod (TGP). To go from dumb bombing to LGBs I would recommend learning, in order: A-G Radar Dumb bomb CCRP on A-G Radar target Using TGP to see and refine a selected A-G radar target Dumb bomb CCRP on TGP target Interacting with the A-G radar and the targeting pod is simpler than some people make it out to be: Radar cursor to move, TMS Up does things, TMS Down undoes things, Pinky Switch to zoom/change FOV (which is required for the TGP), and DMS Down to switch between MFDs. The jet will attempt to lase a target automatically after weapon release, so no interaction required there. Once you learn how to use the targeting pod to aim and drop a dumb bomb, dropping a laser guided weapon isn't difficult and only requires arming the laser, setting it to combat mode through the DED (LASR page) and optionally setting your laser code (which has to be done through both the 2D loadout screen and the DED page). I might make a video and/or a separate thread about this and similar topics if there's any demand for one.
  22. Ok I'll do that training mission first then try it again on my own Harrier package which flys out of Kangnung Air base and targets the unprotected Kumgang bridge across the demarcation line. So I'm assuming the GBU-16 a general purpose bomb and it will operate using CCIP mode?
  23. Training Mission #10 GP Bombs (TR433_10_GPbombs) for unguided General Purpose bombs -- then maybe move up to the Guided Bomb Units? Please refer to the training manual located in your Docs folder! In CCIP mode, it's really just as simple as putting the circle at the end of the pole over the target, and pressing the Pickle button. It gets more complex from there, up to Dive Tossing GBU's at active SAM's
  24. sorry, but you have to move the event by one day, abraham inc. have a concert in germany at this time...
  25. You're not joking...hehe. Ok I worked out how I screwed things up and it won't happen again. I need to run my joystick script as soon as my Laptop boots (or reboot) otherwise all my buttons and switch assignments get mixed up, I could be firing missiles when I try to land So my next task is working out how to drop bombs, the Harrier has GBU-16s what tute do I look at for them beauties? It seems a shame to take them all the way across to North Korea and then bring em back because I don't know how to release them.
  26. Hi Guys, I just thought I'd post this pic to help out Vincent who tends to have problems losing his mic or speaker connection while in game. There is a bug in PR that happens sometimes on logging into the game where either your squad members cannot hear you or vice versa. The solution is to create two shortcut keys so that you can unmute your mic or your in game speaker. When you launch the game, under Options when launcher loads, select the PR Mumble tab as below. Click on Mute Microphone and select a key (in my case I used minus(-) and the equals(=) for Mute Speakers because they are unused. Click apply, and you're done. This will enable you to login to PR next time and if you cannot hear your team mates or they cannot hear you, you will be able to unmute yourself by hitting one or both of these shortcut keys.
  27. I mean, i want a joystick, don't get me wrong, but it's impossible to get one when i don't have a job yet (hopefully next week i start my new one at lowes)
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