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  2. Patches for my R12

    Update: approximately 20$++ for one patch that 2 time more expensive than a legit 5.11 patch but i think i gonna take it
  3. Patches for my R12

    Hmmm ok thanks
  4. Patches for my R12

    ...in some cases we didn't make the graphics, authors vary... can't speak for that one, not sure who the author was. Just FYI
  5. Patches for my R12

    Im thinking of credit mr BluDKlot by put his name on the left corner of the pic what do you guys think
  6. Howdy y'all!

    Welcome to VG Herkyman.
  7. Last week
  8. Howdy y'all!

    Hello and welcome! Thanks for the intro! Happy you got your issue with BMS sorted out. See you around!
  9. 602353-4201920004528-769535856-n.jpg

    Bcus ppl in the server sometimes fly like that lol.
  10. Howdy y'all!

    Sup man, welcome to VG.
  11. " Hello " ..

  12. Howdy y'all!

    Gaming since 286 computers... Flew C-130 for 10 glorious years... Looking forward to new adventures and finding new ways to crash and burn with Falcon 4! I am a PRO at that!! Anything else? See bio.
  13. How to fix graphics? ** resolved **

    Windows 10 updates exactly like women. everyday new Problems
  14. How to fix graphics? ** resolved **

    Ah -- so this is a Windows 10 update thing. Glad you got it sorted. Good luck to you and see you around! Looks like the Fall Creators Update is responsible for this one. Good that you found the fix. I don't have that problem because I manually update Windows 10 and avoid certain updates (or remove them immediately if installed). It's not easy to keep up with and know what is what, Windows really screwed the pooch with this newest OS. shameless plug: If you want to learn how to get more control of Windows 10 in function and appearance, check out my article here -
  15. Discord Nitro - new platform

    I agree. I was going to say that those games are some moldy oldies right there. A monthly subscription to Humble Bundle would net the same cache of old games plus many brand new titles, too, for about the same price. Anyway, thanks for the head's up, Zadra! News is news!
  16. Discord Nitro - new platform

    Seems a bit much for me and these games are not really that good. Rollercoaster tycoon 2 was best but to pay 9.99 Euro for it per month
  17. Hi! Returning to Falcon 4 and BMS. Latest iteration of Windows 10 64 Bit/NVidia 1080 card/32 gigs ram/yatta yatta 4k monitor Even thou setup says 3840 X 2160, once I go into sim itself, looks BAD. The text in cockpit is almost unreadable, the scenery looks like a Minecraft game. The airplanes outside are jagged sticks. When I completely exit game, it looks like it was running at a lower resolution than 4k, since any open windows got resized. What am I doing wrong? How can I make it right? I'll hang up and listen... ** UPDATE ** https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?33518-Bms-launches-in-low-resolution-(not-menu) "Right click Falcon BMS shortcut, select properties, then compatibility tab and then check Disable full screen optimizations. Then click OK and run Falcon BMS." Worked beautiful!
  18. Discord Nitro is a service based on a monthly subscription at a price of $ 9.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year. As part of the subscription you will get access to a library of games worth $ 1000 The library includes, among others: This War Of Mine Wasteland 2 Metro: Last Light Redux Lost Horizon Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Kathy Rain Gonner Kingdom: New Lands Shock system: Enhanced Edition Super Meat Boy Bridge Constructor and other. There is also a Discord game shop where you can buy many independent games.
  19. 602353-4201920004528-769535856-n.jpg

    Why there is a heli upside down ?
  20. Patches for my R12

    I find the patch maker. im thinking of using this pic from BluDKLot
  21. Mass game crash on VG

    It and
  22. Map Testing

    Pr's Angels...
  23. Mass game crash on VG

    which DNS server did you use before?
  24. Map Testing

    Hmmm lets do some bike recon, when the map come out
  25. Mass game crash on VG

    I change the dns and it less likely to crash now thanks everyone
  26. Mass game crash on VG

    What!!!?? I have to do that? I gonna checkit usually this is done by the setup. but sometimes not or faulty. or it's the firewall of your router ... if you had dns problems, your browser would not find anything either. but you can just take another dns server and try it.
  27. BMS crash reports

    Re started to last save (Day 3) at 17:00 GMT. Many thanks to our friend Belgriffin for going out to the server on site.
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