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  2. Hello, Everyone!

    Thanks, guy!!!!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello, Everyone!

    You smell ok hahah Play PR : ) bring LULU and Wayne ???? see you in the burning .................
  5. Due to my desire to try out a different game, I managed to go ahead and purchase GTA V on PC.

    I used to have it on my old PS3 but now I wanna know what's changed and what's new on the PC platform.

    Let's just hope it's still packed full of fun like it was back in the console days.

    If anyone wants to mess around Online then give me a shout haha! :b0209:

    (That's only when my fucking internet downloads all the metric fuck ton of GBs for this game) :rofl:

  6. Hello, Everyone!

    Hello man. Welcome to VG. See you on the battlefield!!
  7. Hello, Everyone!

    Hi CobaltUK, noted and thank you.
  8. Hello, Everyone!

    Jigsaw knows what hes doing. Saw him in the logs around same time you were there. Feel free to PM me to arrange a specific time or with any questions.
  9. Hello, Everyone!

    Hi CobaltUK, nope. Maybe that's another shade of red (another guy). This is my first time joining a community and doing online gaming. May I know if there is a trainer/lead who could help me with some sort of an orientation?
  10. Last week
  11. Hello, Everyone!

    Hello and welcome.
  12. Hello, Everyone!

    Hi Red I`m guessing you visited server with LULU and Wayne ?
  13. Howdy y'all!

    Welcome to the Community with the Best Team Oriented Folks on the Planet.
  14. Hello, Everyone!

    Welcome Matey. Have a grand time with the many folks in this august community.
  15. Hello, Everyone!

    Hello and welcome! See you around!
  16. Hello, Everyone!

    Greetings to Everyone, I am new to veterans-gaming and I am still learning the ropes on BMS 4.33 U5. Looking forward to fly with the team soon. Thank you. Red
  17. Howdy y'all!

    Welcome! Although I don't play the sim I find it great when we have more pilots for Falcon or BMS. I wish I had the space for a hotas rig!
  18. Connecting to Profile Error!

    that was fast;) somehow many dns server seem to have problems at the moment. I also have problems with it at work.
  19. Connecting to Profile Error!

    Problem Solved ty guys. i Deleted the DNS and it works.
  20. Connecting to Profile Error!

    then try another dns server and / or ip6 disable ... you could also deactivate firewall and virus scanner and see if it works. but turn it on again! did you update or change anything? then the day starts well ... ^^
  21. Connecting to Profile Error!

    im connecting to Internet man right now. I have yes but all Disabled only one. This is a weird Error Just woke up on this
  22. Connecting to Profile Error!

    do you have multiple networks? if yes, disable all but the internet network. I have the same problem with multiple networks. The problem also occurs when I'm on the same network via cable and wireless at the same time.
  23. Connecting to Profile Error!

    Are you lauching the game from some docking tool that is not allowed to acces to internet ?
  24. Connecting to Profile Error!

    Im having this Problem connecting to the server right now! My connection is fine im connecting right now but i can't joing the game server
  25. Patches for my R12

    Update: approximately 20$++ for one patch that 2 time more expensive than a legit 5.11 patch but i think i gonna take it
  26. Patches for my R12

    Hmmm ok thanks
  27. Patches for my R12

    ...in some cases we didn't make the graphics, authors vary... can't speak for that one, not sure who the author was. Just FYI
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