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  2. I think we should make an pure vehicle warfare layer for ........ ...... but for which map? Or we must make deployment event for vehicle warfare. The only formation i always see with tanks is on kadashian desert on the hilltops or on the way to enemy main.
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  4. Here are some basic APC formations that you never see in PR.
  5. Macromedia's Freehand 9 was the ducks guts for me if I had to do vector graphics and my other favourite was Fireworks for building buttons, menu bars etc. That was back in 2000 and even back then Photoshop was still the king but a lot it comes down to what you are familiar with using. Once you know your way around a certain graphics program, you tend to be very reluctant to use anything else. We avoided Paint like the plague.
  6. Grenadier is a must on each urban map in deployment. Best Tshape cleaning toolkit you can have. Favorite kit on Muttrah. AR's are better on forestmaps. Machinegunner kit is better in my opinion when you want to lock down (camping) an area for longer time like on top of fallujah's gates, service station or russian appartment buildings. More about squad formations. Look how difficult it is atm. to keep apc's closer to infantry to give them firesupport (its also an formation but rarely seen).
  7. Awww.... is it really that bad? I'm no artist, and I can barely use GIMP and PS, so when I had to make some sprites for a Java programming lesson, I jumped into MS Paint and got crazy with the pixel level drawing. It worked for those purposes, I didn't care that it looked very retro - in fact, I think it added a "charming" factor to the little "Rancher Bob" guy I made. MS Paint saved my butt by making it easy for me to whip up a sprite sheet for the Java lesson. RIP MS Paint! Anyone got any ideas of what we plebs could use to replace it once MS Paint is history? Anything that can do that sort of simple pixel level painting? Just for fun, figured I'd share a nostalgic throwback video & sprite sheet of an animation test from when I got funky with MS Paint: (if someone wants to actually see this Java programming lesson in action, here's the game at this stage - run the .jar executable to start the "game")
  8. Yeah unfortunately the only thing that I have found to be effective is everybody taking a piece of pie and providing target acquisition and spacing for coop. Deployment I found people too scared to actually eengage or they've got that Rambo intuition that they charge out there and attempted be a BAMF.
  9. My opinion about squad formation : It doesn't make sense in coop or not at the current stage of coop. I remember the old Karbala 0.9. Bots spawned these times at a medium distance around the flag (carpark) and your squad was forced to cover each direction. Today they coming mostly from direction next flag/mainbase on many maps. Few maps are exceptions like Sbeneh. It makes more sense in deployment. SL shouldn't play the role as the point man. Medics stay behind. The LAT/HAT always move with an rifleman on one flank, with distance to the squad.
  10. My rationale for the weapon kits are based on the fact that if you are dead and need to respawn, you won't necessarily have access to the HAT or the HMG kits, all the others are default kits that anyone can spawn in with. Squad Leader preferences regarding the makeup of their squads is over to them, I'm not telling anyone that you MUST use this or that kit in your squad, this configuration suits me until I'm convinced otherwise. Plus it would also depend on the map and enemy the squad is likely to face, armor, air, or infantry. But you're all missing the point and that is the squad movement formations themselves, the question we need to ask is do they work? Does the Squad Column in Wedge formation actually work or is it total bullshit? How easy is it to switch from Squad File to Squad column during a battle, and then switch to Squad Line?
  11. With winning the hearts and minds of the people. Encouraging them to stand down-and give up their Passion to fight against human players. Or using the !kill command. All jokes aside though, Rifleman are a great kit due to the ability to produce ammo if you are activly engaging enemies. My ideal squad usually involves a GL more then an AR/MG due to the limited players that are effective with them and lack of surpression. Plus grenades are getting more effective against vehicles now, which is a plus. I try to roll out with a breacher if possible or combat engineer dependent upon the map. Some maps I have 3 medics, mostly because squads are being wiped and I am acting as a defensive element and the server pop is dying. Most of the time it is 2 due to the amountof people dying and It's a very easy kit to learn and get skill with. Not that I am trying to Say anybody can-do it it's a very much needed skill set. In that, I applaud all medics. Heavy armor maps and usually rolling with a hat and a lat to combat the assets, Although I did show somebody how to use C4 on a vehicle the other day-and they were impressed.
  12. I think my normal squad is like SL, 2xmedic hat or lat and breacher. Any squad bigger than this is unless you have good people not able to function properly. Ammo you can get from shouting at trans or just use the bot rifle man kits/at kits. But yea people's opinions night be different.
  13. How you will kill an enemy apc or how you laze a bigger target for CAS and how you want to take out a FOB/Hideout/Ammocache/mortarpit?
  14. If you wanna go pro you use 7 rifleman and a squad lead. Squad leads got medic. Best way to reduce tickets I have found!
  15. Even with paint I still couldn't color inside the lines!
  16. To much specialkits. When you have good squadmates you dont need a second medic. Replace it with a rifleman for the second shot for the LAT. When you have a machinegunner in the squad you dont need an automatic rifleman. Replace also with a rifleman for the LAT or ammo for the MG. LAT and MG kits running quick out of ammo.
  17. I'm sorry if it looked like I implied that I was telling you change something. Just was story telling really. I really wish I remembered who it was that I had worked with doing stuff like this. I still have much to relearn in game to be honest. But it's coming back to me. Mainly just the old maps lol.
  18. We can add more formations as required Joe but these three will do to start things off. You're right about 360s, when do you see that happening on our server? The number of times I've seen trans choppers blown up because a squad is too lazy to find a safe LZ or some squad member is holding up the extraction because they've decided to change their kit.
  19. @Double_13 Sure you could argue that formations might work better on deployment but at the moment we don't even know how to use these formations at all. COOP is the best place to try something out first, after all its only bots and therefore predictable. I bet that the first time we try this out it will be a complete disaster until all squad members understand how to change from one formation to the other in a seamless way. If it takes 3 minutes to change formation then we're all dead. Formations are only as good as the squad members you have, that's why I'm not interested in using newbs to do this initially. It will be hard enough to stay in formation with experienced players not wandering off to do their own thing. Sure go ahead and organise heavy asset formation if you think that is possible but I think with the current way armour is used in PR you're going to find a lot of resistance. For me I'll be happy to get an 8 man squad able to run these three formations at will and in a coordinated way, easier said than done! Please guys if you're not interested in exploring these squad movement formations with me and Joe, don't join up, we want to explore this as objectively as possible. cheers, Kav
  20. When I used to work in formations we kept it to a staggered column and moved to hasty/improvised 360s when stopped. Using these yes it was slow but deliberate movements. Each member had a sector of fire and it was alot of fun to do when everyone got it right. The SL we had then was very strict and did not allow for freelancing while in his squad. Which really made it all work in a fire fight.
  21. Well squad formations is something that might work on deployment but not on coop. Why? The coop setting is done in straight lines so one doesn't need to cover the flanks nor the back as the bots do not attack from the sides. This add to the fast pace coop have compared to deployment. If one would setup cover and such it would decrease speed within the squad and will also cause a lot of confusion within the squad as the people are not trained soldiers. This adding that covering fire/suppressive fire has 0 effect on bots and the AR/machine gunner can therefor only be utilised 20%. This as the rest needs to cover him as he moves up. However on flag cap/defensive settings formations will become usefull rather than having 8 people shoot1 bot north it should be 2 people shoot the bot and the rest provides 360 cover. The AR and machine gunner can be used to cover the active spawn direction the bots come from. I would be more interessted in team deployment in where the commander tells tanks/apc/inf to setup rather then do their own play. This would often mean that tanks push in behind the inf and take out the main wave of bots before setting up for long range defence. While doing this cas try's to protect the tanks and shoot down the inf near the tank. But this means that they have to take the risk of getting shot at close range and that's not going to happen as that's how the mentality of it works.
  22. Mixed feeling on this lol, Have not used it in ages but it was a good go to when issues did arise.
  23. Yep I'm in for that, we'll organise something on TS. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other SLs who might be interested in giving this a go, just to mind: m823us Stark58 Blazer HaterOneActual 3ryan Xenalite Sausage Rotblut Jersans SemlerPDX SoldierOfMisfortune Double_13 TEDF Melon Muncher Spartanish Skitalez Badploy Vincent Cptn Wonderful add more here >
  24. Paint should have been shot at birth, its bloody terrible to use. RIP. Amen to that.
  25. Maby it's for the best that if we can't take Point Lookout in 20 minutes we should just call it a day on Charlies. Not sure if it was a coincidence but a lot of people were often saying that game was lagging on Sbeneh Std. And regarding the tickets, Jabal Std always ends before we capture all flags. Seems like there is not enough tickets on bot side to keep fighting.
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