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  2. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Even though I was a d*bag in my ban appeal earlier (Which I'm really sorry for, I apologized to Binary aswell. Hope he accepts it) . I still think this community stands out way more than others, I can list a few names that were really professional in the game and they played (what felt like) a real squad. One dude that stands out off the top of my head is Grizzly.Wilson and mace#### although mace is a bit tough/bland he's a good squad leader. I also remember this one pilot dude, sadly I can't remember his name, he is one hell of a pilot, he flew that Huey bird like a legend. So all in all I really hope I can join back pretty soon, happy birthday guys. I hope me being a D$@#@ in my appeal earlier doesn't affect how this post is perceived/read. I really mean it genuinely. Once again, sorry for the shit fiesta. Happy birthday ya'll.
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  4. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Happy birthday guys. Thanks to everyone who helped us become what we are today. Thanks to everyone still helping and special thanks to you sem for everything you do bro. Much love guys and I'll be back soon. I just gotta set up my gear again. Blud
  5. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Congratulations on Another Fantastic Year!! Well Done to all!!
  6. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Veterans-Gaming . Happy Birthday. Amazing community. Happy to be part of it. Good times.
  7. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Happy Birthday VG! I haven't been around much mostly due to horrible WIFI issues. But hopefully that might change when I move during the summer and get soen better connections Here's to another great year with my family of strangers! 🍻
  8. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    I am honoured to be a part of this amazing community. Salute. Happy Birthday everyone. Cheers.
  9. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

    Holy spitballs Batman...time sure flies. I joined the 22th February 2010...been very active then.(lived at home with mom and dad :-D) Then i got less active (got a GF then and moved into her place) and im sorry...but i WILL return. (still working on that mancave...only its in the attic :-) ) You shall see the former glory that was Clippy :-) (one of the better chopper pilots if i may say so myself :-) ) What i am trying to say...i love you guys...even the ones i have not yet met. Hail =VG= Hail =VG= Hail Bludklot Hail =VG= Hail =VG=
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  11. Old PR picture

  12. Top Gun top this

  13. Brrrrrrrt

    E P I C !!!!!
  14. Things For Beginners: IVC

    Nice post bro
  15. Peanut Gallery!

  16. Brrrrrrrt

    May the Brrrrt be with you !
  17. Peanut Gallery!

    Wodka is a hell of a drug...
  18. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    /locked, ban request asked to not be removed
  19. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    As requested, if you don't want to wait to see the outcome of the ban appeal you will remain banned. Your ban appeal will not be removed, rather serve as a historical log in case you do come back at a later date.
  20. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    Can you delete my account permanently? I don't want to have unnecessary accounts, remove my ban appeal Ill just join other servers for now.
  21. Peanut Gallery!

    OKEEEEEEEE....u crazy then :-D
  22. Peanut Gallery!

    I like to call myself crazy!
  23. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    I'm just gonna say this once and hope that both players and our PR Admins learn something -- sometimes we ban someone when necessary to cease behavior knowing that it will open up a dialog in the forums during an Unban Request thread, as we are doing here. Not saying that is what happened in this case, but we're here now, so why waste an opportunity... The constructive criticism being raised here is not intended to hurt your feelings but to get a word in edgewise to tell you how to move forward if you continue to play on our server(s). Regardless of the matter of your ban, assuming your are unbanned after all of this, you must understand the following things or you'll find yourself right back here before too long: This is not a training server - while it's okay to play while you learn as Infantry, this is not okay in vehicles and we expect you to learn how to operate those proficiently offline or elsewhere. Your use of the in-game chat system is bordering on spam because you average at least 3 messages every minute, and it's easier to count the minutes you didn't chat up than those you did while you were online. While we encourage communication, we also encourage brevity. Doesn't matter if it's Squad Chat or All Chat - you need to dial it way back. Our Admin Team will expect you to learn and adhere to the rules of our server, and while some information may be offered, the burden is upon you to educate yourself in our rules and SOP's, and you're expected to avoid any discussion or arguments about rules/SOP's with Admins during gameplay.
  24. Peanut Gallery!

    Yall weird people :-D
  25. Peanut Gallery!

    I am gonna yeet on your thread
  26. Peanut Gallery!

    Screw you guys, I am going home!
  27. Peanut Gallery!

  28. Peanut Gallery!

    Jersans, no touching the children !!!
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