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  2. Again, just let me know if you don't want to continue this overly challenging campaign and want me to restart it from Day 1 with some sort of modifications. Those notes that on Day 7 is when it gets rough makes me think on how there is a trigger to bring Carrier Vinson into the campaign on Day 7 (but in our file, we've modified it so it's present on Day 1). I wonder if this could be the issue, but it hasn't been one for the many months we've been doing it this way. Just more speculation and theory.
  3. I heard of a friendly fire incident involving JSOWs, but no details on what was hit. But if DPRK made it through somewhere it's possible the situation snowballed from there. Osan's A-10s were no longer on the frontline, blue SAMs on the DMZ overrun ... Looks pretty bad right now.
  4. I'm inclined to extend the recommended ban four times as long for the sheer lack of respect with which you treated your fellow gamers, and the premeditated disdain you acted out on our game server. You need to check that attitude at the door; you are not the first person to rage out on a video game, and you won't be the last... but this will be the last time you behave this way on our server. You will not berate fellow players due to ignorance, mistakes, or any other reason. It's just a fucking game! Take the week to find your chill, and to decide if playing games against AI Bots is too much stress for you to handle in your gametime, and if more benign games might be more appropriate for you. Big surprise: the other people you were extremely unpleasant to are people just like you, trying to play a game (not all of them Pro's) -- treat others how you'd have them treat you. You should be embarrassed that another adult is having to reminding you of this. If you act like this again, you will not be welcome here, and further unban appeals will fall on deaf ears. Ban stays for one week /locked
  5. OK OP updated. I have put in for my day off so unless it's really fucked up I will be there. There's no signups this time around, but if you make an asset squad on the day just make sure you know if there's any special conditions you need to follow. @Kavelenko Thanks for spotting that. It's Saturday the 11th for EU and US, Sunday morning for us
  6. Banning admin propose how long the ban should stay and most likely Higher VG admins will keep it that way. Please be patient.
  7. Ok, thanks. But why do I have to wait for a final decision? I thought it was entirely up to the admin who banned the person.
  8. As the banning I say the ban stands for another week, I understand under the circumstances that you were in a rage but teamkilling wasn't the answer. But the final decision goes for the VG-mins
  9. Hey Melon, Is the event date correct? Should it be the Sat 11th for the UK and Europe and Sun 12th for us Aussies?
  10. I let the banning admin know, they will respond.
  11. 1. Banned Username: cupid_stunt 2. What Server(s)?*: VETERANS-GAMING COOP Project Reality Server 3. When did this happen? Thursday 23rd Feb (I think - can't remember what time of day) 4. Reason you were banned: Purposeful team-killing of a player and server admin, verbal abuse 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban: I came in too fast while landing a transport helicopter at main base and slid into a wall, which made the helicopter flip over and start beeping urgently. I jumped out, and shortly thereafter the helicopter exploded (no one was harmed by the explosion). Then an admin called Blazer, who was a member of my squad, said "why did you jump out?" and kicked me from the server. I was in a really foul mood that day and had been extremely unpleasant to other players, which Blazer had kicked me for the previous game. This kick, however, seemed really unfair and I became furious when I rejoined the server to find that Blazer had assumed command of the squad and locked it so I couldn't get back in. This, together with the way he said "bye" over squad voIP just after he kicked me, made me lose control of myself. I went to the helipads from the spawn and gunned down Blazer and another player who was stood immediately next to him, and then called his corpse a "fucking asshole" or something over voIP. I hadn't intended to go on a rampage, but I was in a rage and the other person was just in the wrong place. I tried join the server the next day and was surprised to be allowed back in. I assumed the admin must have been in a good mood and only given me a one-day ban. I was playing today on Silent Eagle, flying a transport helicopter again. It was about half an hour in when I was suddenly banned from the server without warning (shortly after midnight GMT, 27th Feb). I hadn't broken any rules, so it was obvious that the first ban was meant to be permanent but hadn't worked properly, and the admins were rectifying. 6. Personal Statement: I know what I did was basically unforgivable, especially given my general attitude to other players running up to the event, but this is not how I normally behave. I've been playing on the PR server for at least two years, under a couple of different aliases. I used to go by "koptek", as whom I played daily and was quite friendly with a few players, like robotfungus and a couple of others who no longer play. I forgot about PR for about a year, and a couple of weeks ago I felt the urge to play it again. I made a new account because I lost access to my old email. So I apologise to Blazer, to the other guy I killed, and to anyone else who I pissed off or offended while I was on the server that day. I also apologise for my offensive username, which I'm sure doesn't help my case very much. I promise never to behave like that again, and to always treat other players with respect. Please give me another chance, because there's nowhere else to play co-op mode on PR.
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  13. I took a look at the JSTAR replay and it looks normal until around day 7 then red forces literally swamped South Korea. Just guessing: a modified trigger file?
  14. Yea, that's whats weird -- I didn't change anything and all of a sudden, OPFOR is OP. Maybe someone messed with the frag-o near day 1 after I launched it. I'm not sure what to change, as I had a look over the Day 1 save, and things actually look normal. Squadrons we grounded to add to the challenge are still grounded, and unless the campaign itself changed with the last update, I am at a loss for what to change to fix this. Maybe I should activate the A-10's and a few of the F-18 squadrons we grounded on the next Campaign restart... Just let me know if it becomes uplayable before that time, and I'll start it over on Day 1 with a few extra BLUFOR Squadrons active. If you want me to do this now, just tell me.
  15. No. You will be able with impunity drive through enemy territory (Truck-FOB, MHQ etc ...) And you'll play as the medic against tanks? Medic (blufor) has a range shot 150-200 meters without optics. The enemy AI has a range of 400-800 meters (have optics). It's useless. And so they die 60 times per session with AT, optics and ThermoVision.
  16. - limit active zones to 1 or 2 (not enough players to do more anyways) - clean up players who try to activate more AOs regardless (teleport to base + message, kick when repeated) - Only allow capping of neighboring zones similar to AAS (avoids passing through another AO and activating it/triggering the check above) - limit vehicles to 1 or 2 per player and despawn the oldest when exceeded - limit AI number per player (this isn't single player after all) - force using class specific gear (no more sniping medics everywhere) - disallow VR gear ('unlimited' space) - disallow the ridiculously overpowered LMG It's gonna piss some people off, but there is always AhoyWorld. Your opinion might vary but this is Arma, not CoD kiddy edition.
  17. "Nebelwerfer" (lit. "fog/smoke launcher") mountings for what are essentially RPGs. Name comes from the developer Rudolf Nebel and/or the fact that they produced a lot of smoke. This particular launcher "Schweres Wurfgerät 41" ("heavy launch device") fires either 50kg HE or 32kg 'napalm' warheads, over a distance of about 2km. Later variants had a range of about 4km. Although very inaccurate their impact was pretty massive, resulting in the nickname "StuKa on foot". Another nickname was "howling cow" due to the sound they made when launched.
  18. Was anything changed in the last few weeks? Didn't fly as much but observed the BMS topics a bit, don't recall anything regarding balancing related changes. Might have missed it.
  19. Done. Callsigns cleared and campaign restarted from last autosave.
  20. Last week
  21. Server down, please reset callsign count as well.
  22. Are you sure the runways were undamaged ? That's all I can think of.
  23. not sure if anyone else is having this issue but my IVC chat will no longer work while i load BMS and connect to the server. the IVC client doesnt start up when i connect to the server =/ I do have the correct IP address and the options selected. Has anyone else had this problem?
  24. Just set up a 4 ship sweep: me and 3 AI out of Kunsan. Committed to the countdown screen. At 20 minutes the load flight screen showed. Then the mission screen displayed "mission in progress" Closed the mission report screen and was back in the mission planning map screen. Checked the ATO and my flight was not listed. I attempted to setup another sweep but the result was the same. Check Six Asp
  25. If the server has a minimum of 25-30 FPS Liberation is not bugged (almost) My ideas: - Headless Client (It was mentioned on additional servers) - Dron not activate sectors - Reduction hallo jumping (less active of distant sectors) - Add in sectors/city soldiers AA (little). Hostile FOB or patrol paratroopers is AA and the city have? - Set time of 24 hours and short nights (accelerated time and changeable weather causes the player freeze -together) - Kick for friendly fire in FOB and Chimera eg. 2-3 x TK / 1min = auto kick (massive problems) - Cleaning of the vehicle at 1 hour (probably it is) - For the complete - admin + Zeus Edit: - Reduced radius activation of sector. It's too big.
  26. I was wondering as much. I think the base mission save needs to be modified a bit, I'll have a look at things later today and will let you all know when I have something to swap out.
  27. I have been playing regularly for the past week and would like to point out a few things: I find the campaign too unbalanced. I agree that earlier versions were too favorable for the blue forces but now it is the extreme opposite. Red air seems to have an unlimited number of planes, re supplies and repairs are extremely quick for red forces. (for example: destroyed airbases are back to 100% in half a day) I am unsure that this campaign can be won even with constant human controlled flights and surely look like it has been designed with that concept in mind. This is not a complaint just an observation.
  28. Welcome to the Community. Although there are many veterans involved there are an equal number of appreciative civilians too. I look forward to seeing you out there, Soldier.
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