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  2. Event suggestion

    Owh I like! But I'd say we definitely need 15-25 players to make it who's in for an impromptu OPFOR event? You know a change in scenery and some assets we rarely use?
  3. Event suggestion

    After poking around and getting some useful console feedback the issue is resolved. (Some list was corrupted) The opfor event server can be started on request (PM me or ask on TS and I’ll boot it up if I can) Optional one can request some tiny settings changes; currently the following settings are setup: No humans in 1 man assets (blocked like jets) Fobs require digging 48 bots (max)
  4. When i was young

  5. Yesterday
  6. AFK for extended period

    Sorry to hear about your plight. Real life is no doubt a priority so don't ever worry about it intruding ito your gaming experience. Have the best Xmas possible under the circumstances and know all will be well in the New Year!!
  7. Event suggestion

    I have backups of the custom python files but not all the opfor maps. I mainly modify the maps on the flight as we are picking the next map to play. Because I can convert a map layer to opfor in 5 min I never bothered keeping an reasonable backup. - for convention I remove all neutral flags and give them to bots - I change the flag importance making it that human main is most important, this to get the bots to spawn on the frontlines - I increase the cap times on the first flag to 2 min to allow more time for bots to setup - optional delay all human heavy assets by 5 min - outdated optional: remove all 1 man assets by adding 4 hour spawn delay. (All _sp (oneman) assets are not blocked by default like bot choppers and jets are) All above are done in 3 min ish+2 min actually grabbing the files) (All maps would be 114 maps * 3 layers = 6 hours work so I rather do it while I need them xD) Note that huge limitations are into affect when making these adjustments
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  9. Event suggestion

    Don't you back up your own work? :
  10. AFK for extended period

    Main thing is you guys were ok after the blizzard. Hope Santa brings you a new computer for the New Year!! Cheers GRNANDGLD, see ya when you get back on deck!
  11. AFK for extended period

    Sad news but on the other hand it is christmas time and wonder happen every day. The new car will be better and PR will start faster with your SSD and i7 77 plus the better GFX. Happy Holidays and think positiv.
  12. AFK for extended period

    !r .bliz intent destruction of base assets Glad no one was near that car when that happened GRN -- stay safe and warm! Hope you have a Happy Holiday despite it all!
  13. Event suggestion

    You reported that the dev test server (#2, 16577) was in an endless loop of reboots, and was not responding to TCAdmin commands. I had fixed it and sent a message to you that it was functioning properly. There has been no need to reset the server in any way. Your edits or changes to any maps or files on the server are frequently backed up like every file on the server, furthermore, setting them to the side and using default (working) PR files for an event, and later putting them right back where they were is a simple function of the buttons I programmed into TCAdmin. This has not happened, the buttons may destroy maps if not told otherwise, or if the custom file structure is not properly used, but your files are right where you left them, because... ...we have three PR servers. Events formerly ran on the VG Event Server (#3, 16587), our third server, and as you are doing development on what was the Insurgency server instead of using the third one, #3 by default becomes the Event Server again. Basically, we always have 3 servers, they always have file structures that can be swapped within their capacity/needs with the push of a button, and put back the same way. Not all servers use these systems anymore, but for any needs or purposes, they can be reinstated and tailored to any need with less than a few minutes of configuration. (this is what I do here, I keep everything running like a greased pig, and I maintain systems I set up long ago)
  14. AFK for extended period

    wow NATURE what a beast, salvage all the un burnt PC bits, drives, ram. And all here will teach you, how to patch up the man box. 300$ for some new bits. worst case. if you keep the old ATX case. lol Hope the snow tastes good, If you boil acorns you can eat them, trust me i know, haha I will be snowed in soon as well, some tools and a motherboard, sure beat some match sticks and a bottle. Have a Virgin White Christmas mate, ACE players will be missed.
  15. AFK for extended period

    Hey man good to hear from you. Sorry that you are not going to be on for a bit but glad to known it is going to be a bit before you are connected. Good luck with everything and enjoy the holiday season. We haven't got that much snow in Maine yet so we are kind of behind The Times.
  16. AFK for extended period

    Pfff that sucks... hope things will sort out in the end. Anyway Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year ! Ps: I Swear it wasnt my fault !!! =))
  17. AFK for extended period

    Whoa dude that sucks. Hope it all works out. Enjoy the holiday season and see you soon in the battlefield!
  18. Hello again,


    It's been awhile no seeing you guys around, i've been taking break from PR for some time ( i haven't paid the internet just yet, nothing in the wallet :P ) and mostly just studying myself for final exam ( which is currently right now and for next week as well ) so, yeah currently busy atm...


    Had myself taking break from mobile gaming as well ( achieved something recently months ago ), and chilling out watching anime at some free times, like Amagi Brilliant Park and Nichijou ( daily gag-life series, cringy :D ). It was all fun times enjoying those shows and really are memorable.


    Might be back at some time in next year, enjoy your holidays. ;)


    Happy holidays ^^,

    - Inch

    1. .Blizzard.


      Take care and good luck with your exams ! Happy holidays to you too !!!:drinks:

  19. AFK for extended period

    Ah man, sorry to hear that, I hope it works out for you in the end. Have a merry Christmas in spite of the bad weather.
  20. AFK for extended period

    Sorry to report that the Blizzard of 2018...15 inches..totaled my wife's car with a tree branch that also knocked out our power for 4 days.... and in the process, surged my computer and some appliances. Was looking forward to a new computer any faking way. Anyways, ir may be till after Christmas before affording that purchase... MERRY CHRISTMAS guys if I dont get a chance to see you before....cyas soon
  21. Event suggestion

    Don’t tell me you resetted it as I had nearly all maps converted for opfor
  22. Event suggestion

    Event server was fixed, anyone can feel free to make any event they would like and we'll get it running
  23. Company of Heroes 2 FREE on steam till Monday

    Always preferred single-player campaigns over multiplayer or skirmish mode anyway. Neither am I a fan of micromanaging your forces to soldier's inventory level. Micromanaging your state and painting the world map in Paradox games was far more enjoyable for me.
  24. Event suggestion

    @Jersans As I mentioned on TS running these events are a problem due to the personal reasons I mentioned to you. Unless these issues get resolved I see no reason investing time creating events and rather spend it on playing destiny 2or maybe the current broken maps. I have already invested more then 200 hours in bug fixing coop for the next PR update and this excludes any new map. NO I DO NOT KNOW WHEN THE NEW UPDATE COMES. However I have no issue running the occasional Opfor events however the Event server seems to be reluctant to start due to unknown reasons and I would have to figure out why. This means that again i would have to spend few hours figuring out why something isn't working while people ask me to come and play PR or destiny2.
  25. Event suggestion

    I am always awed by folks that can think outside the box to solve obvious issues, let alone the more complex ones!! Great find.
  26. Newbie

    Welcome to the Community. You will find your game time with us well spent and exciting.
  27. Event suggestion

    If I am correct @=VG= Double_13 said he recently wouldn't mind building an event-map and organize something like this. I myself would really like to add in some OPFOR maps with MEC focusing on assets we typically don't use i.e. the Frogfoot, Eurocopter, various BMP's etc.
  28. Event suggestion

    Can we do this on an event sometime in the future lol, perfect on a map like soul rebel, where it would be China vs us marines
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