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  2. "And now for something completely different" I've hinted at it already, but I'm doing a musician type thingy. Currently I'm going through the process of sorting my project folder and uploading anything remotely valuable to my Dropbox account. It's rough in every way and very much WIP. Coming up with ideas is easy, polishing things not so. I also suck big time at mastering, so if you got an EQ handy you might need to use it. Some tracks are best listened to on headphones. You have been warned! Schaaper Mike WIP @ Dropbox Could tell you more about the songs, but I don't think anybody really cares
  3. I will upload screen shot after work this evening.
  4. I'm not a big fan of Win 10 at the moment and you're running it in a virtual machine ... if I'm getting this last part right. That sounds a bit fishy and BMS is already very temperamental. Not sure how many Apple experts we have around here, you might have to check somewhere else for help with compatibly. Luckily BMS still only uses DX9. In the mean time, if you have a dual boot system or can arrange that, that might be a way around it for now. Waiting patiently for the screenshot, maybe it's revealing.
  5. This happened after installing Won 10 via OS X boot camp. Using 27 in retina monitor. Bms current updates installed. No mods installed. No playing online at this time. Screen shot to follow. Thanks for the response.
  6. Bollocks! Sry, now I know what you're talking about. I was referring to the BMS setup. I was just assuming there was no tinkering AFTER the installation, because I know not to do that because of problems like this ;)) Alright, we're getting 'mildly off topic' here and that's a lot of text for such a simple problem TL:DR Here are a few questions: 1. When did this start happening to you? 2. Have you just recently changed anything such as game updates, OS updates, etc. ? 3. Are you running the most recent version of BMS (currently 4.33.3)? 4. Does this problem only happen online on our server, or also when you fly offline on your PC? 5. Did you install any mods? 6. Tell us anything else you could think off 7. Remember the scrrenshot
  7. Are you certain that pre-load check is not only for the Tommo Inc/Falcon 4 validation check? I could see how a full file verification could take place, it's just that the check is not so long for me (approximately 4 seconds from Launch to Main Menu loaded). I realize I am loading from a secondary Solid State Drive and may be experiencing faster load times myself versus the HDD that the server loads BMS from (approximately 30-40 seconds from Launch to Main Menu loaded) -- but I was unaware that the entire 5.67 GB game folder was searched for the integrity of all game files during this pre-load check. I thought it was just a check for Falcon 4.0 license/installation in it's pre-load verification. Did you read somewhere that BMS gets an entire game files integrity check during each load? That would really help in troubleshooting to know that fact with certainty...
  8. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater and talk about reinstalling just yet. The BMS installer always does an integrity check on the available packages, that's why it's taking so long to load. The other questions are very valid though.
  9. 1. When did this start happening to you? 2. Have you just recently changed anything such as game updates, OS updates, etc. ? 3. Are you running the most recent version of BMS (currently 4.33.3)? 4. Does this problem only happen online on our server, or also when you fly offline on your PC? Post up answers to these questions when you can. You may need to re-download & reinstall BMS to verify that files are not corrupt - but you will want to delete any installers you have on your system first, and start from scratch. *as Brain said, do not reinstall yet - it's a last resort and we aren't there yet. Just know that it "may" be needed later.
  10. Could you grab a screenshot of your problem? PNG would be preferred as it doesn't cause any compression artifacts. Also what exactly is the setup? External displays, running fullscreen or window, SLI ... more info = more to work with.
  11. This is more than likely a resolution issue but my wingman and awacs comm boxes have jumbled text with only half the options showing. Have already adjusted various res settings but no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. This would be a great What's Inside? video.
  13. Dude, didn't want to cut you off! Thought it was a 20 minute fix on your end, but you were just gone instantly. Feeling bad a bit :-|

    Spent around 30 before I gave up on Yame, as it kept crashing at multiple points. Already got a response on BMSF, will check on that later today. If it doesn't work, well, there isn't a lot of room on my desk anyways.

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  15. Howdy Matey, How's it going?

    1. =VG= SolarFlame1

      =VG= SolarFlame1

      Long time no speak! Alls well Badploy, hows everything with you?

    2. WCCBadploy


      Great!! Charting new territory with 3D printing and VR tech along with the day job.

      Good call on the Admin confirmation criteria. Some times folks miss the point of it all.

      Thanks for keeping the faith and being the lynch pin of this great community.

      See you in game some time!

    3. =VG= SolarFlame1

      =VG= SolarFlame1

      I was working with an architects practice that used 3D printers for modelling trees for their large models. Interesting stuff. I've since left to become a full time network engineer.


      The people that make up the community make it easy to keep the faith :). Every once in a while people might need to be nudged in the right direction, but the community runs its self due to the people that are a part of it. 


      Hopefully I can join everyone on the field sooner rather than later!

  16. MG:Shooters_INF_Squad_Defense Squad Leader - [MG:S] SpL1ff3r Medic - [MG:S] xXJohnRyXx Breacher - [MG:S] Brutulux Anti Tank - Everybody German or English WITH Headset and Mic can join us. Keep Attention to SquadLeader's Commands!!!!!!
  17. Headage
  18. ...copyright infringement... DOWNVOTE. Just kidding, really is a fun game when you have a lot of people involved.
  19. So a few of you have seen me jabbering on about this game and have wondered what I've been playing - Let me enlighten you! To save myself the hassle and you all suddenly bringing up your google taskbars, I shall shamelessly copy what the developers have written: "Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. This is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics. Every action you take can have a powerful and permanent effect across a vast world in a constant state of war... Foxhole's goal is to make players truly feel like they are working together to direct the outcome of an open ended war. Some games have attempted to pull this off in the past, but many of the have been hindered by gameplay affecting microtransactions or mechanics that hold the player's hands too much, resulting in wars that feel artificial instead of truly organic and player driven. Our mission is to be uncompromising in delivering this experience. Our dream is to have hundreds of players working in unison to complete large scale operations that takes weeks to plan. We want players to be setting up supply lines, executing missions behind enemy lines, and banding together to defend key strategic locations throughout the world. These ideas are extremely ambitious, but we are confident that we can achieve them if we work together with the player community over the long term... While the game is inspired by early 20th century weapons and tactics, the game actually takes place in an alternate timeline futures... To be clear, our goal is not to make a WW1/WW2 simulator, but rather to make the player feel like they are fighting a war where the combat and strategies are grounded in the world wars..." The game is currently in alpha and is free on steam. The community and developers are highly active. For a more descriptive summary of the game, visit: I personally would best describe Foxhole as mix between Project Reality, Running with rifles (RWR), Company of heroes (COH) and Men of war (MOW). The game itself is a top down shooter - this puts many players off the game within the first few minutes as they consider the view range and perspective awful. If you have played RWR or any real time strategy games, you will quickly adjust to the games point of view. Once you give it enough time and figure out the simple controls and basic principles of the game, you will find that it is highly addicting and a joy to play. Trust me when I say this - Its a very rewarding game when played right! The game is simple, join a faction: The Colonials (Brown Coats) or the Wardens (Blue Coats). After spawning in, players can head to the front lines and assault enemy positions and take over the map and essentially win the war. Easy right...? Wrong! Unlike most games- Any weapons, ammo, vehicles or additional support items are not given to you when you spawn. Instead they are created by the players, using a detailed logistics system within the game. Again, making things simple, players can choose to either head straight to the front lines and take the fright to the enemy or choose to supply their team with much need supplies and weapons. They can also help by building defences such as walls, gates and pillboxes. Making items is not difficult, players simply have to mine scrap or components at marked locations on the map and deliver it to factories, here they can convert the scrap / components into basic materials or refined materials. The materials can then be taken to other marked locations where you can make weapons etc. However, carrying all this material around is never easy. Its heavy, slows you down and you're vulnerable to enemy attacks. Many players build trucks to quickly make and deliver supplies to the front. As with any online strategy game, co-operation and teamwork is critical. Planning can involve setting up supply lines, preparing enough resources to attack any an enemy outpost and also where defensive structures need to be built. If you are good, players can commend you, enough commendations will grant you a higher rank within the game. Players who are ranked WO2 (Warrant Officer 2) and above can form coalitions - These are used to co-ordinate a large group of players making planning easier. Unlike most games, firepower is not necessarily the most important asset - Reconnaissance and as stated before, logistics, is just as important. With careful strategy, we can formulate plans based on using darkness, foliage and terrain to our advantage. So, I hope you all found this informative - Any questions just give me a heads up. Why not give it a shot and find out what its all about for yourself? If you are struggling getting to grips with the game try this video:
  20. Have to agree with that Double_13, a commander is definitely a plus and adds to the event. Please can we have no criticism of the commander either, there's enough pressure on them without giving them shit when things don't work out.
  21. Might be a suggestion but should there not be a commander signup as well. I think it is a good idea that the commander has some sort of battle plan/idea beforehand.
  22. Nope. Scientists are still working on that upgrade
  23. Ted, did the FSA shark proof their BMP1s before deploying them to Sharqi?
  24. This whole escalation reeks of a smoke screen scheme to mask the herald of a worse shitstorm over the horizon... I'd like to sign up for the following: BMP=1 Gunner on Sharqi Peninsula T-62 Gunner on Highway Tampa
  25. Welcome to the Community KayBee. Great stuff there Matey. You did a splendid job in the roles you chose. That's the first positive thing I noticed about you. Your seeking to be involved in our community is another. It is always a pleasure to play and work with other dedicated team players. I hope like many of us, with the same disposition, you find your gaming home and roots here in the VG Universe.
  26. I would just like to thank WCCBadploy for taking me under his wing yesterday and yelling at me what to do ☺️ I am all about teamwork but I have only played against bots, only in bf2 and usually alone or with just one or two friends Obviously the communication is overwhelming at first and I made the mistake of trying to act as SL the first time I logged in to the VG Coop server. Probably angering the CO and making my squads life miserable. At that point I wondered if 2 weeks with just bots in PR was enough for me to be worthy for a spot at VG. But then I joined recon squad and learned more in 3 hours than all the time I spent playing PR and BF2 with bots combined! So your idea works, WCCBadploy! Thank you and keep those commands coming! And to other new players: read this thread and the server rules and then, Lead, follow or get out of the way!
  27. I thought I had applied for a tank gunner position - perhaps with Carkidd? But I think I didn't reply. My bad. So this please and if possible another gunner position other than that happy to do infantry. Thanks!
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