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Arma 3 16 player mission "Operation Stem Cell"
With the fall of the Pakistani government and preceding military coup and later military invading of Afghanistan , the Western region of South Asia is yet again in turmoil.
Afghani freedom fighters continue to hindered Taliban and Pakistani Daesh controlled areas throughout central Afghanistan, humanitarian aid shipments ceased by insurgents in the Herat region have cause massive hardship to civilians who remain the largest casualties of this land-grab-coup by Pakistani military now 'self declared' ISIL (Daesh) forces.
Intelligence provided by Russian Spetsnaz in theatre suggests mass groupings of armament and ground-troops in currently Daesh held Northern Provence's. To counter a large scale escalation of NATO and allied troops advance towards the central and Eastern fronts of Kabul and the green belt valley of Kunduz Provence in a mass effort to push back hostile forces.
Home of Afghanistan's only nuclear power station and airfield military able , the lush agricultural lands of Kunduz remains a stronghold for axis forces.
Embezzlement, corruption, displacement of civilians and the continued enforcement of Sharia law has led to official actions been taken by NATO. In response to civilian threat and continued attacks on settlements NATO and allied forces have strategically opted for a full scale invasion in order to re-establish Afghan government.
Seen as a training ground for Jihad movements Afghanistan remains the most hostile territory in populated countries.
Outposts and military bases to the North of Kunduz Provence are of the greatest strategic importance to axis forces.
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Kunduz (1.1Gb)
CAF Aggressors (440Mb)
CBA 3.5 (1Mb)
EVW (765Mb)
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