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AVCS4 - How to Control Falcon BMS 4.34 In-Game Radios with Voice Commands



Profile for  VoiceAttack beta v1.7.5.16 (prerelease)
by =VG= SemlerPDX



These commands use VoiceAttack to translate the in-game on-screen radio menus from AWACS through Tanker into natural and intelligent voice command phrases that will fire keypress macros to help keep hands on the throttle and stick, and maintain immersion.  As an additional option, these commands can be locked behind a push-to-talk mode bound to your UHF/VHF transmit buttons in-game, allowing any other VoiceAttack command unrestricted access if needed, while still restricting these BMS radio command macros.  Finally, the profile is extremely easy to edit or integrate into other profiles.

At VETERANS-GAMING, we fly with friends or AI Pilots, or a mix of both on our 24/7 Public Korean Campaign in Falcon BMS.  I may go out with an AI wingman only to have a friend take his place mid-flight.  For this reason and others, I created this VoiceAttack profile based around restricting when the computer can execute keypress macros that match voice phrases, having to first check if that pilot was set to a human pilot and therefore disregard commands for that pilot.


*Push-To-Talk mode disabled by default.  Say, "Turn On Push To Talk Mode" to enable
**Follow Instructions inside profile to set Push-To-Talk buttons to match BMS UHF/VHF keys


Download: (tbd - after beta)



*Looking for some testers who already use VoiceAttack, and who are already familiar with Falcon BMS & flying with AI pilots
Beta Test Requirements & Instructions:

  • *Must have Falcon BMS 4.34 installed
  • *Must have registered version of VoiceAttack installed
  • *Export and backup any current VoiceAttack Profiles (they will work with beta, but just in case...)
  • (Non-Steam) Download and Install VoiceAttack Beta here: http://voiceattack.com/betainstaller (*Non-Steam version only!)
  • **STEAM USERS -- Download and Install VoiceAttack Beta here: http://www.voiceattack.com/getsteambeta
  • Launch VoiceAttack and open Options (wrench icon in lower right)
  • -Under last tab on top, System/Advance, check box next to "Use Nested Tokens" as in image 1 below
  • -Unless absolutely required, during testing it's recommended to uncheck "Allow command segment info for composite commands"
  • Download and Import the current beta version of this profile here: https://www.dropbox.com/ ... Voice Control Radios 0.98b for Falcon BMS/..
  • *On first import, you must say, "Initialize Profile" - after first time, this is automatic.
  • Open the profile - if not already done, group commands by category and consolidate multi-part commands as in image 2 & 3 below
  • Click on the Description tab at the top to help sort commands further (see image 4)
  • Read a semicolon ";" as the word "or" and look at long commands as having many options like saying "2;Two;Too;To;Wingman"  (read as "2 -or- Two -or- Too -or- To -or- Wingman")
  • Attempt to follow instructions in Profile Commands and comments to Initialize Profile, Set Push-To-Talk buttons if desired, Set a Human Pilot, Delete Human Pilots, etc.
  • Launch Falcon BMS 4.34 and fly test flights with AI pilots or mixed with Human pilots and please report any issues when calling commands & any frequently unrecognized words

image 1image 2image 3image 4



Commands Reference:






Recommended Comments

14 hours ago, =VG= Kavelenko said:

OMFG! More shit I gotta learn rofl.

I agree - when they changed up the radios and radio menus for 4.34, I started by taking pics of all of them (the bottom graphic) just to wrap my head around the changes.  Then I built this voice control profile so I didn't have to memorize anything (except those 5 "add/remove hoomans" commands).  To use this profile myself, I have that bottom image on my tablet or phone just as an image reference so I can see "what" I can ask of AWACS or other contacts, in case something is new.  I certainly don't know everything by memory myself, but I also don't find that I use everything in every flight.  I definitely use the AWACS and ATC stuff a lot, and the ATC has really changed!  A little learning is half the fun of a sim, right? haha!

  I'm relying heavily on Jeffu's blog post here to figure out these new features in Falcon BMS 4.34: 


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hi =VG= Kavelenko,

I am testing  your beta profile. For me it works fine. I just need to learn the proper commands, but one done, it is ok.

The way you have write the profile is unusual for me, and at that time, I am not sure to fully understand it. But no matter.

As a french user i just need to set windows10 with US keyboard. My windows is in english version.

Really good job, I love to use it. Thanks


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Thank you very much!  (It's my profile, not Kavelenko ;) - lost in translation, I'm sure, don't worry about it!)

I had a feeling that the profile may look odd, all of my AVCS4 profiles follow a similar format, and must be grouped by category in order for the list to look correct.  By consolidating multi-part commands, and collapsing all categories, it should begin to appear much more ordered.  I enjoy placing as much as possible into "initialization" scripts so that if I change anything later, I can make changes in one place.  If you look inside most of the commands like "go stack;go spread;..." their content is almost exactly the same as the next or previous commands, and again, this makes it very easy to expand or edit in future if needed.

I would love to work with someone to add localization to this profile!  If we could translate my command words into French, and if Windows Voice Recognition and VoiceAttack both work in the French language, it would be very easy to modify this profile.  Again, all speech variables are in one file, so anything spoken by the profile can be changed to any language without hunting for them throughout the profile.  And editing the commands themselves would let you change any of the command words to French equivalents.  Proper nouns would likely remain the same, of course, OR you could change ALL callsigns in the profile to different ones if you edit the .vap and find/replace all.  I'll include a readme with instructions on changing/adding callsigns to the .vap profile file before the beta is finished.

If anyone would like to help with localization, RSVP


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