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About this blog

A blog to serve as a status updater/feature list for the future =VG= Insurency Project...

Entries in this blog

=VG= BrakeGamer

Being worked on...

What I did so Far:

Call Admins System-Steam - Done

Admin list like in PR - Done

Next map display like in PR - Done

Full Sourcemod Admin System - Done

Maplist - Done

Server Settings - Done

Things I need to do:

Advertisment System - WIP

TK Manager (So the victim can choose punishment) - WIP

Display of rounds left (in precentage) - WIP

More to come soon..


=VG= BrakeGamer

Ok lets update this thing shall we? So I have been working on a =VG= Inusrgency Server for some time now, and the main files are up and as you can see from the post in my blog Here (Clickable link) , the server is functional, BUUUT I don't seem to be able to join. What I think the cause to that is that my ports aren't open or some other network settings aren't properly set. Right now I'm working on seting up the plugins and addons to make the server amazing, I'm beta testing the Report system like in PR but with the exeption that it can message Admins on Steam if they are not on the server, or send the reporter a message that a admin is online if one is present on the server. Now this can be changed in a number of ways: There is TeamSpeak report integration, Desktop app, and Forum's report system. All of thoose other systems woud require some pepole on =VG= to set it up with me since it needs things like webservers, and MySql things... So the plan is to get a bunch of different tweaks to plugins and import all the old ones I had from the previous server.

I will update this with more info in the future


=VG= BrakeGamer

Going to add pictures for sneak peak's of the project..

Sneak peak of the server Console, wich seems to be doing just fine

Desktop 6-24-2016 6-54-28 PM-807.png


And a Server browser Pic showing the server in there..


Desktop 6-24-2016 7-42-24 PM-980.png


That's all for now, stay tuned for more...