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  1. Wow so its been a while. I guess the latest and greatest is the recent efforts to bring more maps to PR. Thanks to a few members we're about to have hella fun again playing some of the great old school BF2 maps ported over to play in PR. We had map packs years ago and it was some of the best gaming I've ever been part of. Those days were so much fun! Let's get there again with our new members and friends! I can't wait to play some of those maps again. The members working on the project are doing their best, but it's a lot of work and progress can be slow at times. If anyone in the community would like to contribute to this effort please contact TED to see if you're able to contribute. The more we work together, the faster we can all benefit from this awesome new project! Keep you posted....Blud

  2. =VG= BrakeGamer
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    Being worked on...

    What I did so Far:

    Call Admins System-Steam - Done

    Admin list like in PR - Done

    Next map display like in PR - Done

    Full Sourcemod Admin System - Done

    Maplist - Done

    Server Settings - Done

    Things I need to do:

    Advertisment System - WIP

    TK Manager (So the victim can choose punishment) - WIP

    Display of rounds left (in precentage) - WIP

    More to come soon..