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Falcon BMS 4.32 - Update 1
Author Benchmark Sims
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Description From the BMS Website here: [ Click Here ]

On behalf of the BMS team, I'd like to announce that Falcon BMS 4.32 - Update 1 is available now! This update will install on top of a vanilla/unmodified Falcon BMS 4.32 base installation, it's not a standalone installer.

Please make sure that you read and understand the following installation instructions (they will be displayed by the installer as well):

DESTINATION FOLDER: Update 1 must be extracted into the original Falcon BMS 4.32 Setup folder, NOT into your Falcon BMS installation location! After the extraction has been finished, you need to run the Falcon BMS Setup program to either apply the update to an existing vanilla/unmodified BMS 4.32 installation (choose 'Check the internet for product updates'), or perform a fresh 4.32 plus Update 1 installation from scratch.

CONFIG FILE: If you update an existing installation, your config file (falcon bms.cfg) will be replaced with new default values. Do NOT backup your old file to restore it after the update, because you will loose all new config values! Instead, please do your configuration again after the update.

? fix for jet wash in MP behind a player
? Fixes for padlock mode. The padlock callbacks that were priority specific we broken (AA and AG) as were
the next/prev padlock functions. These should all work more as expected now separately and together.
? Fix for Angle test value beeing doubled when aerobraking. This fixes the yawing issue when touching in cross
wind and fix the gear break as well in cross wind landing.
? Fix for light airplane not rolling when brake released while heavy was rolling OK.
? Increased RTT line width for the RWR for better visibility, and as an example of how to set different RTT line
widths for different virtual displays or bigger chunks of drawing code. Width for RWR is configurable by
g_fRTTLineWidthRWR right now, we could move this to the 3dcockpit.dat files if we like.
? Implemented additional A/P disconnects:
o when DBU is engaged
o when stall horn is active
? Corrected dashed lines in SMS main and S/J pages.
? Corrected DED ALOW page, now it will be always on the CARA ALOW line when the page is entered.
? Fix for padlock mode: only missiles that are guiding on ownship are treated as high priority now. That
includes friendly missiles (which is new) and means that missiles that are not guiding are treated as very LOW
priority for padlocking (also new behavior).
? Added code to update the new "Current Keyfile" output on the Setup/Controllers UI screen.
? Hydraulic A and B pressure are now monitored. In case of loss of hydraulic power, the hydraulic pressure is
lost more quickly if controls are used fixes the instability of AFM when engine shut down and EPU takes a few
seconds to take over.
? Added new config variable g_bExternalWindowsOnTop, which will ensure that external windows are always
rendered on top of all other windows and the taskbar. Default is 0 (old behavior), set to 1 to activate.
? Tacref, Loadout, Recon & Gfx Preview in setup: Fix for black screen when FSAA is forced on by the video
driver. Fix busted specular highlights and glass shader.
? Corrected DEST OA1/OA2 page DCS up/down behavior.
? Changed gun damage scoring.
? Fixed CTD when the following cfg values were set:
o set g_bShowRainDrops 0
o set g_bShowRainRings 1
? Fix for AIM-120 LOSE/LOSE TOI. The missile kinematic prediction code will now update projections even if
the missile shows a losing condition. This should fix the problem where a bandit that turns back into you
should make for a winning end game for the missile in some cases and this wasn't reflected previously in the
HUD cues.
? Fix for deadlock while client screws with waypoint data, fix crash in 3d.
? 3D pit view panning: Reduced translation for small FOVs to make it smoother.
? Fixed Terrain Line-of-Sight Test.
? Corrected IDM OSB Label ("XMT") position being moved while expanding the HSD.
? WinAmp control:
o adjusted playback "resumed" to "started"
o corrected volume up/down linearity (by using the new Winamp 2.x volume API)
o added new config variable g_bWinAmpOldVolumeAPI (default 0), which allows to revert to the old
Winamp 1.x volume API in case someone still needs it
? Fixed SetByHQ PAK button falsely reactivating in MP campaign.
? Added config variable g_nCampPeriodicSaveMinutes (default 0 = disabled), which allows for cyclic autosave
on the campaign host. This enables public hosts to run w/o monitoring and still have a recent savegame
available in case the server crashes. Note that the time is in "game" minutes, not real minutes, and that the
saving will only be done if the time compression is set to x1.
? AddAdded config variable g_sCampPeriodicSaveName (default "Auto") to set the prefix for the automatic
cyclic save name (campaign date and time will be added automatically).
? Fixed HCMS knob vanishing under certain conditions if used as analogue axis.
? WOW trigger modification.
? Animated effects and ambiance sounds will now be frozen correctly if the sim is paused.
? Alert flights (and so intercept) are now generated only when Squadron is HQ controled
this can be disabled with g_bInterceptsRequireHQSquadControl , true by default
? Fixed stick trim being enabled while A/P was active. Now it only works if A/P is off.
? Corrected AA FCR tracks not being displayed on the HSD in NAV mode, now they are.
? Added a "Theater Check" and a "Falcon Version Check" for client connection attempts. Clients which don't
match the host theater and BMS version (patch level) will not be able to connect to the host. Please note that
there is currently NO proper feedback on the client about WHY the connection has been refused, the client
only sees the usual "unable to connect" message.
? CTD fix (aka Mav CTD - probably a 1000 years one) when trying to change Maverick polarity when no
missiles on-board. The code was dereferencing Sms->curWeapon which was of course NULL. WPN MFD is
in OFF mode without weapons and the crash probably was never found because no one tried to change polarity
when in OFF mode. Anyway, it won't crash anymore.
? Fixed debriefing actual TOT "seconds/minutes early/late" display.
? Adjusted UI keymap display to hide the assigned keytext for blue header lines.
Just FYI, keyfiles come with 4 different possible visibility states:
o -2 = hidden
o -1 = visible and locked in UI, header (blue background, no keytext)
o 0 = visible and locked in UI, normal entry (green keytext)
o 1 = visible and changeable in UI, normal entry (white keytext)
? Corrected OTWGlanceForward getting reversed under certain conditions.
? Fixed a bug in HARM POS mode where a HARM that doesn't find a target on the way to the reference STPT
was hitting the exact STPT position (What makes it kind of "GPS guided" missile). Fixed that by setting some
randomness in the STPT location, not too large so the HARM will find a target if there is and not too small so
it'll not hit too close to STPT exact position when a target wasn't found.
? Excluded texture memory check from low memory warning calculation as it is not reliable enough. Lowered
low memory warning threshold for the other counters to 64 MB.
? Fixed ACMI shadowmap position.
? Added additional "Environment" entry to the ACMI options menu, where options regarding the environment
rendering can be selected:
o "Time of Day": If set (default), ACMI playback will honor the tape timestamp. If deselected, ACMI
will render the view in full 12 o'clock noon sunlight, which will help e.g with night tape reviews.
o "Weather": If set (default), ACMI playback will honor the tape weather. If deselected, ACMI will
render the view in SUNNY condition w/o clouds or fog, which will help e.g. with bad weather tape
o "Shadows": If set (default), ACMI playback will render the shadowmap. If deselected, ACMI will be
rendered w/o shadows, which will help e.g. with shadow rendering issues.
? Added additional "Big Fonts" entry to the ACMI "Labels" options menu. If selected, this will render the ACMI
labels with a bigger font, which will help with readability issues.
? Fixes for DX button mappings set for the button release event. Previously all such bindings resulted in the
callback being invoked with key up semantics. Since most discrete callbacks are coded to function with key
down invocation there was no way to get the required functions to work completely. The new code allows you
to specify three behaviors for any DX button binding and to have separate choices of those behaviors for both
button press events and button release events. You can now specify that a binding is invoked with key down,
key up or default behavior.
An example to clarify:

First the conventional form of a DX binding line still looks the same:

SimDMSDown 20 -1 -2 0 0x0 0 "SimDMSDown"

The -2 means: this is a DX button binding, 20 is the button ID# and the -1 says dow key
up/downdefault behavior. This means that the SimDMSDown callback is invoked both for the press
and release of the button and the two invocations get the key-down and key-up parameters

Now...if instead of the -1 in the second numeric field we place a -2, that means invoke this binding
with a key down semantic only.

SimDMSDown 20 -2 -2 0 0x0 0 "SimDMSDown"

This results in the SimDMSDown callback being invoked only one time even if you physically press
and release the joystick button.

In addition, you can as before set a different binding line up for the joystick button release event, this is
done as before by placing 0x42 in the 4th numeric field of a DX button binding line as follows:

SimDMSDown 20 -4 -2 0x42 0x0 0 "SimDMSDown"

Note in this case the value in the second field is now -4. -4 in that field of a DX button binding line
means invoke this callback with a key up semantic. So, if this 0x42-equipped line were the only line in
the key file for button 20, what would happen when you physically press the button is that no callback
would be invoked but you would get the SimDMSDown callback invoked when you released the
physical button but with the key up semantic.

In effect then these two lines:

SimDMSDown 20 -2 -2 0 0x0 0 "SimDMSDown"
SimDMSDown 20 -4 -2 0x42 0x0 0 "SimDMSDown"

Do the same as:

SimDMSDown 20 -1 -2 0 0x0 0 "SimDMSDown"

However, a more interesting and useful example is what you would do for the mechanical on/off
switch on the HUD SYM wheel that controls the power for the HUD display if you have that set up to
deliver a DX button event via your controller:

SimHUDOn 20 -2 -2 0 0x0 0 "HUD power on"
SimHUDOff 20 -2 -2 0x42 0x0 0 "HUD power off"

The result of these two lines is that when button 20 (which recall is actually the 21st button on a
Windows joystick controller, F4 numbers them starting from 0 as the first and Windows numbers
starting with 1) turns on, the SimHUDOn callback is invoked with key down semantics and the HUD
should power up. Conversely when button 20 turns off, the SimHUDOff callback is invoked but
noting the -2 in the 2nd numeric field it is also invoked with key down semantics.
? CTD fix for pressing DX buttons in the setup control panel with the new individual DX press/release
? Usage of SimMotionFreeze is now prohibited in MP.
Added additional BMS exe icons colors (gold/green/purple). You can select your preferred icon color for the
BMS exe shortcut by right-clicking on it, then select "Properties". Go to the "Shortcut" tab and find the
"Change icon" button in the lower middle.
? E3 project dome DOF changed from 2 to 14.
? Added a config option g_bMouseButton4TogglesClickablePit (default false). If set, the 4th mouse button (if
available) will toggle between mouselook and clickable pit. By the way: the wheel is button 3.
? Added additional "Wind Check" option to the Tower Approach ATC radio menu. If called, the tower will reply
with the current wind heading at the airbase in three digits, rounded to full 10 degree steps, and the wind speed
in knots in two digits.
? Fix for HARMs not finding targets in POS mode because screwed-up setting of target location causing the
missile to go too high and loss ability to find the intended radar target.
? Corrected framerate logfile ("-log") output directory.
? Fix a bug in HARM HAS mode. When locked up, it was dropping target if other threats of the same type
(which are not the locked target) were behind 3-9 line. It should drop only if the locked target passes the line.

? E-3 changed to complex. re-DOFed the model and added lights.
? Fixed TDOF for HSI cursor translation.
? Fixed typo in DTC UI. It read Chaff PFM instead of Chaff PGM.
? Fixed SimStepIntercomVolumeUp appearing twice into SimStepIntercomVolumeDown in Keyfile-
? Updated Hub.exe to hide the "confusing" platform label. It will only show when both platforms are available.
? UI Update: Help windows updated with the descriptions of the new functionalities (Ruler, Set bullseye...)
? UI Updates: Pop menus, changed the delete option, not it has better positions to prevent hit it by mistake
? UI Fix: Setup window, now Blur and Boom options works as desired (before one did the work of the other
? Logbook patches: Added new vSquadron patch
? Updated the patch list for be able to use all logbook patches in campaign mode
? FM updates for:
o HasOldLandingLight set to zero
o Added TGP and HTS data
o E-3 changed to complex. re-DOFed the model and added lights.
? Corrected HSI bezel template texture.
? Fixed Hub.exe problems with Windows XP.
? Added additional Launcher.exe icons colors (gold/green/purple). You can select your preferred icon color for
the Launcher.exe shortcut by right-clicking on it, then select "Properties". Go to the "Shortcut" tab and find the
"Change icon" button in the lower middle.
? Added a "Confirm" option for "Set Bullseye" to the UI map right-click menu to avoid accidental Bullseye
? Added additional delimiters to the UI map right-click menu to clearly separate "display" from "set" entries.
? DogFight icons glitches fixed
? UI maps (JSTAR, PAK included based on the wonderful Red Dog's ONC chart) and icons refinements… fit
with the BMS's Converted additional theaters (same presentation)
? Numeric scale to PAK slider added
? Updated RF and IF campaigns for KTO
o - Replaced RAAF F-111 with RAAF F-18C (75 Sqn)
o - Replaced ROK F-4D with F-15E-229 (since we don't have the F-15K, the F-15E is its nearest cousin)
o Updated Camo.cfg for KTO
o - Squadrons with appropriate skins, in the game, should now use them
? Falcon4.CT: Reordered Specific for all bombs and fixed wrong Type for CT# 2138 (CBU-89).
Added WCMD.
Changed BRU-55 data in bmsrack.dat so it loads only JSOW, JASSM, JDAM (Up to 1000lb) and WCMD.
Fixed Subtype for WCMD bombs. It was 1 instead of 5.
? Deleted the training mission 17 HMC AIM9 combination due a typo
? Added the mission 17 HCMS AIM9 combination to fix the typo (HMCS)
? Added a full working training scrip of the mission 17 HMCS AIM9
? Changed all text to white in the comms window
? String updates for briefing page / mission list / action point list, e.g. fixes for some overlapping texts.
? Removed dysfunctional high/med/low filter selection from the UI map pop up "Installations" menu.
? Hub.exe: Fixed current directory being passed to CreateProcess.
? Fixed TDOF for HSI cursor translation.

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